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MothershipRaindrop Aspen leafMountain goat brothersRed Fox mother cleaning kitFrosty Blue River viewWhiteout GoldenRabitt Ears fireweedLake Dillon fire sunriseCl;aretcup cactus flowerLake Dillon blue reeds

If we're very lucky we have 100 years here on this beautiful planet we all call home.  Someone once said you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.  The following photos are me taking my shots, literally and figuratively.  Making photographs is one of the gifts that I get to experience along my walk through this life.  I get immense pleasure photographing this wonderful place, and our bothers and sisters we share The Earth with.  These photographs are my gift to them, and you, in hopes of garnering an appreciation of the home we all have in common. I hope you enjoy. Thanks for looking.

Chris Brower