This Gallery is a selection of some of my favorite work as I travel around making images that catch my attention. From wildlife to nature to wildflowers to interesting people I meet, my photographic subjects change according to what I happen to be doing at the time. I enjoy making images, and nerding out on the process. Please enjoy!
MothershipRaindrop Aspen leafMountain goat brothersRed Fox mother cleaning kitFrosty Blue River viewWhiteout GoldenRabitt ears fireweedLake Dillon fire sunriseCl;aretcup cactus flowerLake Dillon blue reedsRAindrop Aspenleaf portraitRoyal Tern Mating Ritual #3Grey squirrel snowflakesEnd of fallLavender grasshopperHumingbird cherry nestGrey squirrel feeding on cow hornPretty in PInkFoggy Bison fogsneaky Red fox pup