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While traveling around in my daily ramblings I tend to keep my camera close by, some type of camera, even if it's just my phone. I love making images. Here are some of the ones I've chosen to highlight. I've chosen to focus on scenes that touch me, and I continue to be curious to the world around me. Looking for inspiration is a constant choice I believe. Being open to the process of being inspired. Why not, eh?
MothershipRaindrop Aspen leafMountain goat brothersRed Fox mother cleaning kitFrosty Blue River viewWhiteout GoldenRabitt Ears fireweedLake Dillon fire sunriseCl;aretcup cactus flowerLake Dillon blue reedsRAindrop Aspenleaf portraitRoyal Tern Mating Ritual #3Grey squirrel snowflakesEnd of fallLavender grasshopperHumingbird cherry nestGrey squirrel feeding on cow hornPretty in PInkFoggy Bison fogsneaky Red fox pup