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2016_06_26_untitled shoot_00024Frozen Cattails


Everything is frozen,

Wow, it seems like winter is definitely here, with nighttime temps in the single digits and below zero and darkness falling around 5pm.  It's a hard time for me to motivate as I just want to sleep, read and stay inside.  Until I actually get outside.  Especially in the morning when I go out to start the truck before the sun comes up and breath that first cold, clean, crisp air.  Then it feels good to be out.  Gather up the camera bag, check for a empty card in the camera, (It used to be forgetting film, now its gone to having a card with room on it and a charged battery), fill the coffee mug and head out to wherever I feel drawn to that day, after dropping the kids off school of course.  Today was cold, 10 with a steady 20 mph north wind coming off the hill behind the house.  And the truck didn't like it, seems like my #7 glow plug is out which according to the computer and messes with the system a little.  Tomorrow's project I guess.  Heading north I had forgotten that a new hunting season started today.  Horse packs were heading into the Gore Range and every other car had a hunters orange hat on the dashboard.  It was very low visibility and I headed up Ute pass to see if I could get above the cloud layer.  BAM! (think Emerill) a huge herd of elk were pushed off of Acorn Creek onto the adjacent ranch to the north where there was no public access.  Maybe 100 animals in all.  And in the blink of an eye they were gone.  No one but me had even seen them cross.  Magical.  I hadn't seen an elk in a week and a half and I almost ran into a hundred of them completely by accident.  Timing is everything. The rest of the morning I spent watching a few deer, some horses, many ravens and the inside of my clean windshield, just got a new one.  Back home to edit and warm up a but, chop some kindling for the weeks fire and clean up this website.  Now I'm off to get the studs put on the Honda, cant miss this appointment as they are 3 weeks out!  TGIF



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