Going Fast

February 07, 2024  •  Leave a Comment

     It's midwinter and the snow that was supposed to come last night didn't arrive just yet.  Oh to be a weatherman and have a success rate of 50% to be considered proficient at your job.  Yesterday's xc ski down at the Raven Golf Course was less than stellar, I had forgotten my skins and the kickwax I brought was for 10-20 degrees; it was 49!  Oh well, quite the upper body workout and lesson in frustration.  With the lack of new snow today has become a good day to edit photos, work on my website that is sorely in need of attention and attend to menial but important tasks.   The electrician is coming by for an inspection as the local insurance companies are getting very nervous about potential fire hazards given the increase in natural disasters around the globe and our persistent drought.  Guess I'd better change out of my PJ's as I hear him backing up his truck.

     This time of year I spend many an early morning getting my son's skis sharp and waxed for his upcoming alpine races.  Checking the weather for the next day to get the wax just right and taking the burrs out of the edges so he can go fasts as possible.  There have been a few deep cuts so at least the edges are getting sharp.  It's fun to travel to the races as well and see all the kids in various stages of skill and preparation and parents scrambling to get everything organized to get their racer ready.  Honestly the kids do a fantastic job getting ready for each race.  Sure there's the forgotten passes, broken equipment, etc, but for the most part they get after it and have a great time.  The support they show each other is also heartening to see.  Everyone's trying their best and ego's are kept in check, for the most part. That's the nature of competition and those are important lessons. 


     With my daughter just committing to college yesterday I'm trying to focus on the remaining time I have with the kids, as it all seems to go so fast.  One day your changing diapers and arranging play dates and the next your watching her go to prom.  Everyone tells you it'll be so but until you have the experience it doesn't really hit home.  Everyday is filled with so much to do that time really does fly and it takes a concerted effort to slow down and take it all in.  Another reason to get out and practice my photography.  Making photos of the racers is something fairly new to me as I have no experience with ski racing.  Using a long lens, at least 300mm, and a shutter speed above 2000th/sec, with the back button focus which I use with my thumb has gotten me some good shots, and the kids enjoy seeing themselves in action.  I've even had questions about gear and how to get started in photography from a few of the kids, which I really enjoy.  I've averaged about 3-5 images shot in bursts per kid per run, of which there are usually 2.  That ends up to be about 1000-1200 shots, which I then cull down to 1-2 selects of each kid.  My trust old 300mm f4 nails the focus nearly every time if I shoot at f5.6.  Honestly the hardest part is standing in one spot for hours on end as these old bones aren't as nimble as they used to be.  All in all it's been a fun experience.  It's now starting to snow so looks like the southern flow of moisture has moved far enough east and north to wrap around to us.  Time for a quick xc ski before the kids get home.  The Electrical inspection is going well, looks like they did everything correctly back in the day, on to the next project...


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